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Indian Railways Never Disappoints

India is the land of options, alternatives, diversity, and crowd. You can find every corner crowded with people. Perhaps that is the reason many people hesitate to travel. Of course, it gets really tedious and tiring to travel amidst rush, but you know what; it isn’t too tough. If you pick the right options at the right time; you can have the best experience on your journeys.

There are transportation options that can always give you a fresh and convenient experience. If you go for trains, you can easily check train status, know about your ticket, and make use of its various other facilities.  The point is Indian Railways isn’t that bad. Why are you nurturing an unnecessary assumption about trains? Come on, you have to pick trains at the right time, and you would never feel tired or exhausted in train journeys. It is true that trains are mostly crowded, but it does not mean that the comfort goes for a toss.

When to avoid traveling by train in India?

To be very honest, there are times in the year when you should avoid traveling by train, especially when you are in India. Throughout the year, twenty four seven, you can make the most of trains and that too without any inconvenience. But you know there are some times when it is better to keep the trains at a bay.  And the interesting thing is that there is no fault of trains or the travellers; it is just the time that is different.

Without engaging you much in the complexity of this timing thing; the point is you should avoid traveling by train during the times of festivals. When there are festivals in India, you can find a huge crowd traveling by train. If you are a kind of person, who cannot make his way through a lot of rush, then you must halt your train journeys during these festive seasons. Everybody is full of joy and energy, and the rush levels beyond boundaries. You can even find some passengers climbing the roof of the train. Even if you have booked your AC ticket long back, you might have to encounter a lot of rush on the platforms. It is good to travel during festival seasons, but if you hesitate to travel in extreme crowd, then you must say trains a good bye for festive seasons.

Why trains always rock?

Don’t forget that trains are always going and running; no matter how crowded the streets maybe or how much rush there might be on roads. The point is you have to make a choice as per your convenience. Nobody is saying that trains go paralyzed in festive seasons; the point is you can avoid it during that time if you want. Similarly, trains always rock because they never disappoint you in taking you to different places. Even if you want to travel in a luxurious manner, the different luxurious compartments of trains keep you comforted and cushioned during your journeys. There are luxurious compartments like AC 1, AC2, and Executive class, and so on. You can pick a compartment as per your ease and pocket.

Thus, stop giving yourself unnecessary excuses to dodge train journeys. Go ahead and embrace it with open arms for a comfortable and fulfilling time!

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