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The Role of Active Reading in the GMAT Reading Comprehension

GMAT stands for the Graduate Management Admission Test. The 350-word passage of the GMAT’s Reading Comprehension (RC) section can be an exciting and tricky challenge for anyone attempting this critical test.

Active reading is essential if you want to clear this round with flying colours. You will be in a much better position to master the Reading Comprehension or the RC section if you are practising active reading.

The RC section depends upon ‘how you read’, and not ‘what you read’. We are reading in a passive tone in case we are reading straight out of a movie you watched on TV. Information interaction is not possible. We never think about the way our sentences are structured. This is called passive reading. GMAT, however, requires active readers’ skill in a candidate. Take GMAT prep Bangalore coaching classes to pass this section of the GMAT exam in flying colours.

Perhaps the best way to introduce ourselves to active reading is to begin interacting with the text we observe. You can start by starting to ask yourselves questions –

As you see the paragraph, what is the main idea out of it?

Is the author’s position and tone either critical, or neutral, or jovial, etc.? Basically, what is the tone and position of the author?

Is the argument one-sided or two-sided; is it a challenge of the author’s opinion or the informational system? Basically, what is the structure of the case?

To stay as an active reader throughout, perhaps you could read newspaper articles and scholarly articles. The New York Times, the Times of India, etc. all provide excellent articles that you can interact with. Try to keep your focus on the editorial and opinion section. The authors of these article sections are usually excellent writers, who play around with words. Their language is on par with the GMAT RC passages. Also, the articles tend to be around the same length as that of the RC section.

Once you do everything mentioned above, you will learn how to understand the passage in general terms. You will also be able to determine what the specific arguments could be that show that you have the two skills required for the GMAT RC section. You will learn how the authors play around with the words and formation of sentences and will be able to do a complete analysis without any hassles. You can navigate to different sections of the text and passage in an unobstructed flow. Therefore, a few tips to improve active reading are mentioned below –
  • Practice makes perfect, so try to practice active reading on a daily basis. This will help you score high in your GMAT RC exam.
  • Try and always read-only high-level publications. This ensures that you are way above the standards of language as required by the GMAT RC.
  • Learn to determine the tone, text structure, and the main idea behind the passage’s content.
  • Ensure you pay attention towards the flow of the text. Opinions and content might change; keep an eye out for that. The GMAT training Bangalore centres provide excellent coaching facilities. Make use of it.
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