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The story of Building STX studios

STX Entertainment, formerly in the business of studio and entertainment category is basically building a brand new and capitalized media company startup. The brain behind this out of the box business idea Robert SimmondsJr, Anne Biondi is working on the key component of their overall entertainment operations. It has been two exhilarating years since these creative minds are polishing the business.

Life is all about new and good learning. They believe in terms of what they’re learning on the film side. Getting into this business they come across some crucial actions of people out there who are working on in Hollywood industry.

People have underestimated the creative community’s need and desire for another major studio level partner to treat these types of mid-budget, star-driven films like the most important assets on a slate, rather than the filler. Storytellers – whether that be acting talent or writers or filmmakers – are incredibly excited to have a new studio like this, where mid-budget movies are effectively the true tent poles of the company.

STX is offering an amazingly designed unique and different way out to bring creative on our doors. There are a lot of very excited people who want to take advantage of that for themselves and for the projects that they want to be working on.

The freedom to build a film studio from the ground up with an entirely clean slate has been an extraordinary luxury.

STX is contributing not only for film making but also they challenged to market and distribute them in a way that is comparable to how the major studios do it, with only 100 people at this point. The ability to create this type of efficient machine that can do this level of work at this size and scale at a small fraction of how legacy studios staff and operate, I think has been incredible confirmation of one of the big reasons we all got into this, says Robert Simmonds Jr.

It starts with identifying extremely talented executives who are experts in how it's always been done but are excited about doing it differently. Let's not ignore how it's been done and how it's been done well, but they began with the premise: if you could start from scratch today, how many people and what types of people with what skillsets would it take to do the same work? That simple, straightforward question creates answers that are very different from how you reorganize a structure that's been in place for a long period of time, by definition.

They have a very talented, very experienced, legacy major studio trained team, who loved the idea of, "How can I do great work in the most efficient way possible?" Everything about our entire process has been streamlined to eliminate excess work that isn't ultimately beneficial to us achieving their goals. STX's development process is significantly more streamlined, their production process is significantly more streamlined, because they have truly married the production and marketing departments in many ways.
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