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Great Travelling Tips for Family & Holidays

There are some places of Australia that make a particular place in the hearts of travellers. These prominent places are The Grotto, The Arch, Triplet Falls and Bay of Islands. These are the beautiful destinations that look awesome and natural. There is greenery around everywhere at these beautiful destinations. This greenery belongs to the trees that are spread over the mountains. If you want to praise the natural places then on the other side, you must appreciable these places. Let’s discuss about these beautiful places in Australia.

The Grotto a perfect sinkhole

This is actually a sinkhole. You can sit under this sinkhole because there are little rocks under the sinkhole. This looks like the scenery of nature. Water is scattered here and there under the sinkhole. If your children are present with you then you should take photographs with them so that; you can know in the future that; you became the part of this sinkhole. This is the odd location of Australia that will change your negative mind into the positive one. It is the true picture of nature. If you will see directly through this sinkhole, you would observe that; there is the water of sea that is waving and the mountains that look yellow due to the hotness of sun.

The Arch is the resemblance of bridge

This beautiful natural part looks like the bridge. This is the creation of nature that makes to the nature little different. Australia is the country where nature is strange. This natural arch is 8 metres high. You must visit to this place and enjoy the beauty of trees. Once you come here you feel like I should spend the whole day. Your mind gets peace when you come here. This is the true scenery that cannot be forgotten from the mind.

Port Campbell National Park

When anyone goes to this beautiful destination, it really feels like he/she has become the part of its nature. There is greenery around everywhere at this destination. One can observe the plants and the grassland around this beautiful park. You can easily do the cycling on road that has been built in the centre of the park. This is the road that takes you to every part of this national park. The fact is that; the road is clean and tidy. You can walk on this road along with your children. According to my point of view, this road is the great symbol of this national park.

Bays of islands are not less than the 12 apostles

You have seen 12 apostles but on the other side, this is the place where you will get the exact peace and hush. The fact is that, there is greenery around everywhere. If you will see the water, you will say that; it seems to look wonderful and you will see the waves of water. When the sky is overcast, the scene looks more beautiful. You children become happy whenever you take them to this place. Sand colour is red and brown. You can sit anywhere around this place and enjoy your full day.

Noosa National Park, Brisbane

Noosa National Park is a national park in Queensland, Australia, 121 km north of Brisbane. Stay at nearby resort at Sunshine Coast and enjoy fishing charters , and walking trails through Noosa National Park.

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