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Keep your skin germ free in monsoon

Monsoon has already arrived and it is necessary to take some extra care of your skin during this time. If you keep a few things in mind, then you can get a naturally toned and cleansed skin.

To get skin care tips in Hindi at home, one can check some beauty magazines and follow a daily routine to keep their skin clean and fresh.


It is a very important thing to do every day. You need to indulge in cleansing your skin and you can use a mild face wash which suits your skin type. This will remove all the dirt and impurities from your skin. One can also rely on mild homemade packs to keep their skin clean.


Rainy season means one will be exposed to a lot of humidity and rains which will lead to a lot of clogging of skin pores. So they are supposed to be hydrated so that they can breathe freely. One can go for a good quality toner and soak a cotton ball into it and apply it generously all over the face and neck. This should be done at least twice a week so that they can be free from any radicals.

Drink lots of water

To stay hydrated one need to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day and it is an eternal secret to glowing skin. It keeps all the skin problems away. Water adds an element of hydration and boosts all the essential oils present in your skin. It also flushes all the toxins away and leaves the skin fresh and supple.


Do not let your skin face all the germs and bacteria in monsoon. One should use a high quality scrub to exfoliate the skin at least once in a week. This will make your skin smooth and natural glow will show.

Say no to makeup

This is the last thing that you should consider in monsoon; that is wearing makeup. Try to wear some light powder and go for nude lip gloss in this dull weather. Overdoing makeup means one will attract a lot of microbes and bacteria which are definitely not good for skin.

Before you go and buy some skincare products always check the ingredients present in them and ensure that they are safe enough for your skin. Try to look for products which have honey, aloe vera, lemon extract and neem so that your skin remains bacteria free and clean. Try to use skin products which have a lot of anti oxidants and anti bacterial elements.

Wear your sunscreen

Just because it is monsoon and dull weather is around, that does not mean you are safe from sun rays. Go for sun screen gels which are at least of SPF 30. Wear it whenever you out during day time.

To get skin care in Hindi one can always consult the beauty magazines and online beauty portals and get proper tips on how to maintain a good skin throughout the year.

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