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Mistakes to avoid to make Outbound Telemarketing Campaign successful

Nowadays, prospects get irked when telemarketers don’t offer something really worthy. Moreover, potential customers disconnect the call within 10 seconds if telesales agents sound stilted. This leads to a failed marketing campaign that can set the business back financially and ruin the brand’s value.
There are two aspects that always decide the fate of the marketing campaign:
  • How well you know about your targeted audience.
  • How really good you are in conveying your message.
Of course, putting efforts to do right things is really a good idea but avoiding the wrong ones can help you in getting whatever you desired for. This means there are some common mistakes that must be avoided to make the outbound telemarketing successful. 

Have a dekko at the following points that will surely help in making outbound telemarketing campaign successful:

Don’t waste your time on the introduction

Do you know what is the main reason behind why outbound telemarketing companies don’t get the desired results? Well, the answer is telesales agents waste so much time on introducing themselves to prospects at the start of the conversation. It is imperative for the telemarketers to understand that potential customers usually don’t have any interest in the lengthy introductions.

Therefore, it is imperative for the telesales agents to introduce the company that they are representing and take prospect’s permission before starting promoting products or services. It would be beneficial to explain how your products/services really help the potential customers as this is the best way to win the prospect’s trust.

Scripts aren’t everything  

Another mistake that telesales agents of outbound telemarketing companies usually commit while promoting products or services is following scripts strictly. Sometimes telemarketers sound impersonal or robotic to prospects during the call. Consequently, this aspect leads to poor sales conversion rate.

Of course, we aren’t saying that scripts are good for nothing, but it is significant for the telemarketers to understand that scripts should be used to retain all the important information or handle any complex situation. All in all, using scripts all the time isn’t going to help the marketing campaign for sure.

Therefore, it is imperative to use sales scripts as less as possible so that nothing can affect the sales conversion rate.

Respect the potential customers

Do you know what is the biggest mistake thatagents of outbound telemarketing companies usually commit? Any guesses? The answer isdisrespecting potential customers. Don’t be surprised as this aspect is true. Sometimes telesales agents keep interrupting or talking over the prospects during the call. As a result, this leads to the poor results.

Another aspect that drives the potential customers up the wall is when telemarketers start ignoring the asked product-related questions.

Hence, it is significant for the telemarketers to respect the potential customers during the interaction and take help from the supervisors to answer complicated questions as this is the only way to get the desired results.

Here are some suggestions that can help the telemarketers in building the rapport with the potential customers:
  • Always encourage the prospects to participate in the conversation.
  • Appreciate the questions asked by the potential customers.
  • Try to answer prospect’s questions as per your experience.

Keep abreast with TCPA policies

Do you know why most of the business owners approach call centre outsourcing companies to avail telemarketing services? The answer is to keep abreast with the TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) policies.

Sometimes in-house telemarketers make calls to those people who have registered themselves for the DNC (Do Not Call) service. This aspect always leads to the violation of the TCPA policies, which, in turn, invites legal issues that can easily affect the business’s bottom line.

To skip the hassle of following TCPA laws, it is always suggested to join hands with a reputed BPO firm.

Give some extra time in research

Companies that hire in-house telemarketers to make marketing campaign successful, usually bite the dust. This is so because they think that making a maximum number of calls in a day can do the trick when it comes to getting the desired results. However, this aspect is not correct at all.

On the contrary, multinationals always enjoy high-profit levels after approaching call centre outsourcing companies to avail telemarketing services.

Apart from that,wastage of time & efforts and poor productivityare the results to make calls to those people who aren’t interested in the products that you are advertising. Therefore, it is imperative to give some extra time in research to get to know about those aspects that usually draw the attention of potential customers.

Here are few suggestions that can help in getting better results:
  • Find out which market or sector is correlated with products or services that you are selling.
  • Ensure that you have a competitive advantage.
  • Make call structure more reliable.
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