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Thumb rules to develop a website

When you are planning to create a catchy and useful site, you would need to keep a few rules in mind. Many think that there are no hard and fast rules to build a site, but we are presenting a few thumb rules that you need to bear in mind while creating a site to turn out it to be appealing and stupendous.

There are many successful website development company nyc who are following these rules to develop a website that stands out.
Simple is always beautiful: When you forcefully add too much content including, text, images and videos on the site would not let the readers to stick to your site for long. In addition, they would need to search for the desired content in between the crammed content. Visitors would definitely get annoyed by skimming through the links and images. Make sure to keep the pages as simple as possible to make it easy for end-users to use.

Design is critical: What you would do when you are meeting your fiancé for the first time, you dress up well to gain positive impression. The same applies to the website. You need to design the website in an appealing way that you can gain positive impression in the eyes of your target audience. The look and feel of the site is what is noticed by your visitors.

Navigation should be easy: There are a few things that make website visitors more annoying over not finding the information that they are looking for. You need to make sure to organize the pages properly to let the visitor find every piece of information that they are looking for with ease and without much hassle. When the website has top-down design, it lets visitors to navigate through each page easily.

Maintain consistency: You need to keep the pages on the site consistent so that visitors do not feel they are redirected to another site every time when they navigate to a new page on the site. You need to maintain consistent design over all the pages to give an incredible navigating experience to the users.

Colors are important: Color selection would make your site fall or rise. There are a few sites which are really worst to look at. When you are choosing website colors, make sure to choose the colors that are contrast to your text and background.

Make your site responsive: When the site is responsive in nature, users would be able to access the site on both desktops and mobiles gaining the same experience. The website gets adjusted as per the screen size of the device in which you are accessing it. You can use CSS media queries to improve the responsive site design.

Support multiple browsers: Ideally, every browser should render the web page in the same way, but they do not behave cranky on a few browsers. So, prior to making your site go live, you would need to check the site operation on various browsers.

Rather than receiving complaints from customers after the site going live, it is better to fix those issues in the development phase to give a quality site to your customers.
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