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What Is Breast Cancer And How To Cure It

Breast cancer is a very common and nosy cancer among women. After the lung cancer, it is the second most reason of the death for women. Since the year of 1989, the medical science has improved a lot in this field.

Few well-known facts of the breast cancer

1. It is the most common cancer among the women.
2. A most common symptom of this cancer is to change the nature of the skin of the nipple and a feel of a lump inside the breast.
3. Though the one main cause of this cancer comes to a gene, but the lifestyle is also a countable factor here. Drinking much alcohol is a cause of breast cancer.
4. Different types of treatments are available like surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy.
5. Though all lumps are not a reason for breast cancer. But if you feel a lump and if you are concerned about this, you should go and check it by a doctor.

Symptoms of Breast Cancer-

1. The first and an early symptom of breast cancer is the thickening of a breast. Or one can feel an extra lump type in the breast or in an armpit.
2. A pain in the breast without changing the monthly cycle.
3. The skin of the breast has started to turn into red color.
4. The nipple of the infected breast has started rashes.
5. Blood can come as a form of nipple discharge.
6. The nipple becomes upturned or sunken.
7. The shape and size of the breast have started to change.
8. The skin of the breast has started to peel.

Though, all lumps are not cancerous but it is better to concern with a doctor.

Stage of Breast Cancer

The stage of cancer can be considered on the size of the lump and the total area affected by these cancerous cells. If the lump is cancerous, it will spread to the other parts of the body very quickly. Doctors are divided into 4 stages from the beginning point.

Stage 0 - Known as ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS). In this stage, the growth of the cells stays within the control. Other parts in this stage will not be affected.

Stage 1 - In the early of this stage, the size of the lump becomes 2 to 3 cms. The other parts are not infected.

Stage 2 - The size of the tumor started to increase and spreads across the body. Different nodes are started to infect during this stage.

Stage 3 - The size of the tumor now becomes 5 cms long. Different parts are also started to give indications,

Stage 4 - Finally cancer infected different main parts of the body especially the bones, liver, brain, or lungs.

The breast cancer treatment in India depends on different factors. Detection of the type and the stage of the breast cancer are very important.

Surgery -

Surgery depends on the stage of cancer and also the health condition of the patient.

Lumpectomy: it is a very early stage option to remove the lump by surgery.

Mastectomy: In this treatment doctors simply remove the breast part form the body.

Sentinel node biopsy: Removing the one lymph node.

Axillary lymph node dissection: When if effects on different nodes, a doctor advised removing several lymph nodes.

For the later stages, Radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and Hormone Blocking Therapy are very effective.

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