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Some questions that come up after a heart surgery

One of the things that you would need to do after a surgery would be weigh regularly. If you do go on to gain rapid weight it means that the heart is not working in a manner that it should. You should not gain more than 2 pounds a day and in the week it should not go more than 5 pounds. If that is the case you would need to meet a cardiologist.

In case you are chilled or do feel warm, not down your temperature three times a day. If it exceeds a certain parameter it would be better to get in touch with a cardiologist.

The best course of diet that you can follow?

It is quite possible that after the surgery you might have lost the appetite to eat. The chances are that you may feel too tired to eat as well. All this is very common, but you would need nourishment in order to have a balanced diet.
  • If you consume a balanced diet and drink plenty of fluids your bowel pattern will return back to normal within a short span of time. Laxatives are a strict no, until and unless you are instructed by your doctor to do so.
  • In case if a doctor goes on to prescribe an individual treatment plan. It would be better to let him known in writing so that you can follow it at your home
  • Your diet should be spread across the date. Instead of 3 large meals do focus on small meals during the day
  • Do keep away from too much saturated food as well
  • Do keep away from too much sugar as well
  • An ideal weight is the key
Do consume all the medications which are prescribed by the doctor. Do not tamper with the dose of your medicine till you are instructed by the doctor to do so. Ask your doctor to prescribe a pain killer in order to get rid of the pain. If the pain does not reduce you would need to get in touch with a cardiologist.

What happens if there is a swelling?

The legs are going to swell after the surgery. This would be if the veins have been removed during the course of surgery. The main reason would be that excess fluids do collect around the tissues. In order to get rid of the swelling
  • After an hour or so get around and walk for an hour
  • The moment you are sleeping or walking keep the legs in an elevated position. In order to keep the circulation going, keep the legs crossed always.
The best heart surgeon in India always asks you to be part of an exercise program. During the process of recovery walking happens to be the most popular form of exercise. If you are planning to get into any rigourous form of activity you would need to discuss it with your doctor . There are in the best position to decide.
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