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Why you should use natural beauty products

By now it has become almost impossible not to notice how natural beauty products have started to take over the shelves in our drug stores. Of course this is based on the increase in studies that point out the dangers of conventional beauty products that are often packed with health-damaging ingredients. Grow rates of natural beauty brands are often much higher than the ones of chemical-based competitors and this trend is most likely about to continue.

Most people are using skin care products on a daily bases, so it only makes sense that they should contain ingredients that provide nutrients to the skin and the body overall instead of harming your organs due to their toxicity. More and more people are becoming aware of the dangers in conventional beauty products and the chemicals in them. This will only further the expansion of natural products.

Here are a few more reasons why people have decided to ditch chemical-laden brands and go with all-natural products instead:

Earth-friendliness thanks to natural ingredients
If you buy and use products that were made from harsh chemicals you don’t only harm your own body, you also harm the environment. During the manufacturing process of chemical-based products many toxins are released into the air and the ground water. This is even further intensified as soon as you wash your beauty products down the drain. As a matter of fact, conventional cosmetics are a major source of municipal water pollution due to their chemical-laden nature. The situation is a completely different one with natural products. Their ingredients are farmed naturally and often even organically, which releases much fewer harsh chemicals into our environment.

They help you avoid skin irritation
When you put conventional products on your skin, you are adding all kinds of chemicals such as, artificial colors and fillers to your body. These substances can easily cause redness, irritation, and breakouts. Also allergic reactions to chemicals are a lot more commonly found as a response to conventional products. On the other hand, natural skin care products add vital nutrient to your skin and your body instead of irritating them. If you want to try a good brand with all-natural ingredients then Sunshine Organics should totally be your thing. Check’em out!

Most likely you have already heard a bunch about why not to use conventional skin care products. But have you also thought about other product categories that pollute your skin and thus pollute your body? Actually conventional household cleaners are even worse than beauty products and they enter your body just as easily through your skin and your lungs as conventional beauty products do.  Among household cleaners, dish soap is an item with underestimated health effects. Conventional dish soaps are laden with dangerous ingredients such as SLS, a proven carcinogen that enters your skin when you do the dishes. But this is not where it stops. They leave behind a chemical film on your dishes that mixes in with your next meal. That’s not what you want to end up in your kids’ bodies, right? Luckily there are some dish soaps out there that do a good job. By using truly natural dishwashing soap will keep dangerous ingredients at large. Here’s ashort video that will explain a few things about natural dish soap that you might find useful and if you still want to learn check out this post on chemicals in dish soap.
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