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Five things you need to know about KTM RC 390

KTM, within a short period of time has taken the Indian market by a storm, the Duke model of the KTM has already rocked the market and has a lot of buyers and now the latest RC model has become the most loved, especially amongst the youngsters. The KTM RC 390 is high- priced and so are the other models of the KTM, but the quality of ride they offer is what is loved by the bike enthusiasts. The KTM RC 390 is competition to the other bikes of its stature like the Kawasaki ninja; and seeing the love and demand for the 390 model, the company has brought some changes to the bikes and now there are things that one would like even more.

The new rc390 is an upgrade version and is more powerful than the last one, there are a lot of new features so if you are planning to buy this beast then there are a few things that you should know about the KTM RC 390.

The things to know about the KTM RC 390 upgrade

Change in exhaust- There is change in the exhaust of the bike; earlier there was an underlying exhaust which now is mounted on the side of the bike. The old exhaust was raw and quite irritating but the new exhaust is better and is according to the new norms.

Engine- The engine in the new model of the KTM RC 390 is similar to the last one; it has a single cylinder engine that is the reason for the power that is behind this model. When it comes to rc390 it is one of the most powerful bike in terms of engine, it has a high speed transmission and clutch that allows driving aggressively.

Brake- There is a change in the brake, and in the new rc390 there is dual channel system of brake. There is better cushioning for comfort riding and the tank capacity is approximately 10 litres. The current model is heavier and the rear view mirror of the current model gives a better view.

The graphics- The new and the current model of the Rc390 has brighter graphics that makes it look funkier and more youthful especially for the speed lovers. It is shiner and brighter and the orange color with RC390 written on it looks quite appealing.

The new technology- In this latest upgrade of the KTM RC 390 there is a new technology that has been added which is the ‘Ride by wire’, which can be seen in the Duke model of the Ktm. This technology is helpful as it assures seamless ride without needing the throttle cable.

This upgrade of the most loved model of the KTM would surely have a lot of takers. This bike has the features that are worth the money being spent on it, so if you are a bike enthusiast who loves speed and racing, then KTM RC 390 is the perfect bike for you and your love for riding and speeding. 
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