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Some layering tips to give you a sleek appearance

As the weather outside goes from chilly to extremely frosty, most of us would just let go of style and cover ourselves up in the warmest and most comfortable clothes. Wearing that cosy chunky knit sweater on a cold day in your home is probably a good idea to keep yourself warm, but when you have to go out for work or out with your friends, you would not want to look sloppy or bulky. Layering perfectly this winter will keep you warm while giving you a sleek appearance. With a few tips you will learn to become a layering pro, so that you don’t have to sacrifice you sense of style for staying warm.

The main strategy that you need to keep in your mind is that you need to layer from the thinnest articles to the thickest ones. If you don’t want to look over-layered then you need to pick the correct pieces and wear them in the correct order. You can even do online shopping winter jacket to increase you stock for layering differently every day. Start wearing your pieces making the thinnest ones as your base and the work your way up to the thickest ones. This way once you are inside you can take off the outer layers to stay comfortable throughout.

Tip 1
Mix and match your slim fitting pieces together to create different and unique looks. Wear something unexpected. If you think that your turtleneck won’t go well with your oxford, then you are highly mistaken. Just choose a slim fitting one like a cashmere turtleneck instead of the chunkier one. You can wear your favourite fall staples with your winter ones to create a sharp look for yourself. Make sure that all the pieces have a classic style and colour which accentuate each other. This will prevent the total look from appearing unintentional or sloppy.

Tip 2
Did you know that you can recycle your spring and summer clothes in winter? These clothing items are made of thin fabric, so you can easily layer them. Wear your favourite silk button down under that sleeveless sundress of yours, so that it looks like a jumper. Pair you lighter sweater for summer with your leggings and pull the whole outfit together by putting on a cosy vest over it. You want to wear shorts? Just pair them up with sweater tights. Just choose those clothing which are darker in colour. This way no one will even get to know the difference between your summer wear and your winter wear.

Tip 3
Right proportion is the most important thing that you need to keep in your mind when you get dressed. There are a lot of winter jackets for women’s online shopping available nowadays. So learn to wear them in the correct proportion. Wear slim fitting jeans with your oversized sweater, or pair that cropped blazer or shrunken sweater with a knee length skirt. Pick one item for the top or bottom and try to pair it with an item which is a little opposite.

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