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How to start with GRE preparation?

This is a question that is asked commonly by those students aspiring to sit for the GRE Exam. It is only proper and thorough preparation of the different subjects that can see the students through the exam.

About GRE

It is regarded to be a computerized examination to study Masters abroad. The General Test has three major sections. Like that of college level test such as SAT, there is present Analytical writing section, Quantitative section and Verbal section in GRE. Also is present Subjects Tests. Scoring high in the exam, the candidates become eligible to apply for Scholarships. This way, they are able to get TA jobs. Going through the web can help the person to get more detailed information on GRE processes and tests. Complete gre study is an absolute necessity to score high in this exam.

What should LOR define?

Should LOR define the candidate’s achievements, skills or attitude? LOR stands for Letter of Recommendation. It needs to be written by someone knowing the candidate well. The person needs to be properly acquainted with the individual’s skill set at work or academic potential. It needs to be derived probably from the HoD of the college or university department where the student is studying currently or from the lecturers or professors. Working professionals can get LOR from their team leads and managers.

The LOR is to define the individual’s virtues, skill set, as well as how he/she fits perfectly the specialization or program in question. Besides the SOP, the LOR is considered to be the other option available to make strong impression before the admission committee. The ideal LOR is likely to showcase individual skill set with the attitude of how passionate he/she is about the area of expertise or field and how well the person can get together with the others, perseverance along with other essential qualities.

Different questions that comes in GRE verbal

Verbal reasoning section present in GRE comprises basically of three question types.

·         Comprehension reading: The student is provided with a passage that is to be read and comprehend. Questions are to be answered depending on the passage. It is further subdivided into:

o   Multiple choice questions having one answer where five choices are provided and one need to be selected.
o   Multiple choice questions having one/more answers where three options are provided out of which 1, 2 or 3 options are to be selected as correct ones. No marks for partial answers.
o   Select-in passage questions: In this case, select sentence/portion of the passage which best describes the question.

·         Text completion: It is collection of 5 sentences having 1 to 3 empty spaces which are to be filled up. Three choices are provided against each empty space and five choices in case, of just one blank. No points awarded to partial correct answers.

·         Sentence Equivalence: One choice and one empty space to be filled are provided here. Two correct options to be selected from six. Partial correct answers do not have marks.

In short, the best gre coaching centers will train the students to appear for the exam confidently.
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