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The Importance of a Good Thumbnail

The question that intrigues most video content developers is- “How do YouTube videos gather more views?”Usually, higher views are associated with a larger outreach which can gather more subscribers. It is essential to know the secret behind creating a bigger audience base (or a target audience base) for users that are starting out and need a strong customer base.

The way the video is presented is also one of the major reasons behind gathering a widespread customer base. The thumbnails which represent the video are also important because they can be shared on social media such as Facebook which is another method of increasing the viewership. Software such as Facebook linker YouTube creates a thumbnail which can be shared on Facebook and directs the viewer to your video without any detour to other URL links.

Using music from copyright free sources, adding flashy and high quality thumbnails and writing smart captions as titles of the video can help in getting more views. However, thumbnail creation according to recent trends is a tedious domain and getting some guidance in the correct direction can go a long way.

Large thumbnails

Customized thumbnails are a good way to get the viewers’ attention. Customizing the picture adds several graphics that make the viewer feel like they are a part of a new experience and it also removes the factor of inconvenience that is brought about by ugly URL links. The thumbnail that you create has to compete with others on social media and when a Facebook linker is employed, the chances of becoming a trending topic increase. Using actions shots such as slow motion and reverse effects can attract viewers because nobody gets to watch slow motion in real life. Bright colours and strategic vibrant designs can help in getting views from the target audience. Adding captions and beautiful slogans can also increase views.

Music and its benefits

As a video uploading user, your efforts to create a video of high quality and standards will matter if the video contains content and music. The visual effects and the focus on the subject of video can be enhanced using good music. Music effects that are strategically placed to maintain comic timing or emphasize on a particular emotion can help in touching the hearts of your viewers. However, if you place music videos in your videos you will be given a copyrights claim notice by YouTube. However, artists from YouTube that create covers of music can be used for your videos. This will attract viewers who enjoy your videos as well as those viewers who enjoy the songs. Tools can be used for the conversion required. Music gives a holistic effect to your videos.

Once you have developed the essential skills that make your videos look great to the audience, you can create more and more videos which will appeal to your audience. The practice will help you create a loyal base of viewers that you can then interact with on social media through trailers and Facebook Live.

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