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Why We Claim On Technology to save our Study

According to a recent study, phone use has increased, and the Internet is undermining pupils' ability to study, and is responsible for poor grammar among many school children.

The report by the Cranfield School of Management blames children for using mobile phones and the Internet to lower standards in student study, research and written communication skills and Impact Synonym.

The study found that 90 percent of students use the Internet, twice as much as the percentage who conducted their research with books. It was also found that 6 out of 10 students admitted copies of the work from the Internet without reading or understanding, with 25% believing that this is acceptable practice. She also suffered English language skills with 3 out of 10 recognized using text shortcuts in essay and coursework.

"most interesting sports Our research shows that technology obsession hampers spelling skills, implicitly encourages plagiarism and disrupts learning in the classroom," says Andrew Kakabadis of Cranfield School of Management. In an equal manner.

The report also found that mobile phones had a particularly negative impact on school discipline as students often ignored rules on cell phones at school. One third of the students admitted to using their mobile phones in class, said Andrew Kakabadse, "Despite school policies restricting mobile phone use, students use the phone frequently, with most calls from latrines. "He said.

The report also shows additional patterns of disturbing behavior: many students spend an hour or two a day on social networking sites. Many students had access to a computer with eight people and used the Internet for 10 people (some of whom did so at the age of five) and used social networking sites between 11 and 13. One out of 10 students (9%) said they spend more than six hours Online today and downloadhackedgames com.

One has to wonder, in the tone of the report, whether the book expects education, learning and society as a whole to remain constant. As technology changes, education will change and adapt as many other catalysts do. Many of these changes will be positive and will be other negative. The highlights of this report seem to focus only on the negative aspects of this technological change.

Wireless phones and mobile phones. DECT phones and other devices have been blamed for crashes, but what we're seeing is changing the sea the way people search for information, deal with it, and store it.

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