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Will unlocking iPhone 7 be useful for me?

Ever since iPhone 7 came out in the year 2016 during September, it has been the most popular smartphone in the Telecommunication history. This phone has been in so much demand that Apple went on to become the world’s first Trillion Dollar valued company. Whenever the company announces the launch of iPhone’s newer version, almost all the sets get booked during the pre-bookings only – such is the craze.

 The smartphone is known to provide excellent battery life; the cameras perform better than the previous version and delivers higher quality performance. The operating system is iOS 10 that comes with a convenient update feature.

The phone weighs 138 g, and its dimensions are 138.30 x 67.10 x 7.10. It comes with touchscreen display of 4.70 inches. The phone happens to support a single Nano-SIM. The selfie camera is of 7 MP, and primary camera happens to be of 12 MP. The phone comes with a RAM of 2 GB and quad-core processor powers it. As a connectivity option, you can use GPS, Wi-Fi, NFC, Bluetooth, 4G or 5G connection. The phone comes with embedded sensors such as Proximity Sensor, Ambience Light Sensor, gyroscope, compass & barometer.

Although Apple sells both locked and unlocked version, in case you end up getting a locked one – you will wait for 18-24 months to get it unlocked. If you have bought Apple iPhone 7 from a network (according to some network plan with Apple’s partnership), then you will get a locked one.

If you are planning to travel abroad for a more extended period, then it’s necessary that you unlock your iPhone 7 at&t so that you can use a local SIM and cut on the unnecessary costs. You can also sell it at the price you want.

How to Unlock iPhone 7?

Before going for this unlocking process, first, you have to restore the iPhone with the help of iTunes. Make sure that you have created the device’s backup before restoring it. To reset the phone, first, connect it with the PC or laptop and start iTunes. Wait till the setup screen of account loads. Once it’s fully loaded, please enter your account’s ZIP code, and Social Security Number (SSN)’s last four digits. Mark agree to terms and conditions button as ‘Yes’ and click the continuo part. Thus AT&T starts activating the phone, and you get the message: “AT&T is currently activating your iPhone. Congratulations”. Click the ‘continue’ option.

Your laptop/PC will show the confirmation screen once your iPhone is successfully unlocked.

Once you get to know how to unlock iPhone 7, start using it with your favourite compatible carrier. For this, switch off the phone and remove the earlier SIM card. Switch on the device and follow the instructions to set up the new SIM.

Once you successfully unlock your iPhone device, you are no longer bound to any contract. You are free to select any long-term calling and data plan. More than that, you can travel anywhere without worrying about a specific SIM carrier. You can select the best roaming plans or can even go for a foreign carrier for a limited time period.

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