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Give not only to have Donation but to make a Difference

Have you ever experienced giving donations to a certain organization or doing some activities for charity? Giving donations to help someone or something will never make you poor for the blessings you will receive can be overwhelming. Giving donations do not necessarily mean that you have to give thousands of dollars to be famous and make a difference. Even just a few amounts of money will do as long as it is given heartily. It was already enough to save children from severe starvation, and those who needed medical attention and education. Not only that, but you can also experience the delight from giving and it would bring you a meaningful life. Wherever you are, you can donate money or properties in charity. Even Cambodia has perfect opportunities open for you since there are organizations with the same aims. And one of the best is the Song Saa Foundation from where you can access and donate to non-profit organization in Cambodia.  

How Established is this Organization?

Being a non-profit organization in Cambodia, the Song Saa Foundation was built up in the year 2013 with the purpose of securing the territories of the KohRong Archipelago and to enhance the well-being of all people under its domain.

The Song Saa Foundation does not only focus on one scope, but they partition their projects into the principles and basic categories of water, human, and land by utilizing science, advancement and joint effort to execute helpful and impactful activities. They do activities like sparing ocean turtles from harm, giving medical supports, local structuring, and providing educational programs. 

And due to the assistance of their accomplices, partners, and volunteers, the Song Saa Foundation has had a positive effect on the society they are in. In fact, their most recent undertaking, the Song Saa Reserve, means to build up a 200-hectare eco-the travel industry site which will bolster inns, estates, protection and social legacy activities and cordiality preparing to advance neighborhood culture and draw in global guests in a reasonable and moral way. And that is not where it ends, throughout the following five years, they intend to expand upon their current work with the Asian Development Bank and actualize water catchment frameworks, build up a long haul coral nursery and plant 5,000 more mangrove saplings. Therefore, you will have more and more opportunities and motivations to donate to non-profit organization in Cambodia since you can ensure that what you will give will be in good hands.

How do they Fund and Allocate?

Since the Song Saa Foundation is a non-profit organization, it saves up its money or funds for charity from the donations, gifts, awards, the SSPI CSR Fund, the Tropical Marine Conservation Volunteer Program, and other sources of fund.

They distribute or allocate their funds from these certain sources to the Watercrafts of Hope, Well-being, educations, poverty reduction program, marine conservation purposes, strong waste management, and other needy recipients.

So what are you waiting for? Be a specialist for a change and donate to non-profit organization in Cambodia. Join an enthusiastic system of supporters by giving to the Song Saa Foundation or supporting one of their charity services and activities. Your liberality can have a genuine effect.
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