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VLSI For the Fresher’s Soul

VLSI, short for Very Large-Scale Integration is a potential field of study and work. VLSI technology has revolutionised everyday lives in unimaginable ways- unimaginable both due to the sheer scale and size of the changes that came with it and also because of the size of the applications of VLSI technology. This is employed in microprocessors that one sees in personal computers and workstations and smart-phones, chips in graphic cards, camcorders and digital cameras and so on. VLSI technology works by creating an integrated circuit through integrating millions of transistors into one single chip.

Students would do well to study in the field and also gain important and invaluable experience through work in the same domain as well. Thus, internships play a good role in providing this. There are numerous internships, and quite so, there is vlsi internship for freshers as well. If one does a quick search, there are a number of companies and industries offering internships, both winter and 

summer internship in vlsi design. 

It is also good news that big-name industries such as synopsys and Intel and prospective recruiters for those who work with VLSI. Freshers will do well with this information as they are searching for institutes to take up the program in. It is recommended to pick an institution that has a good reputation, credibility and reliability. As at least 30 hours will be spent attending the training or programs, and quite a bit of money will be spent on it as well, it is important to go over all the details when picking the course to start and the institution to start it at as well.

VLSI courses are generally targeted towards participants with certain academic backgrounds. These include participants of Electrical Engineering, Electronics or Communication or Computer Science and Engineering. Programs ranging from weekend exclusive, outdoor exclusive to full time ones exist and freshers are recommended to pick one that best suits their interests, time and needs- both monetary and academic wise.

For students in their final year of study, internships for 6 months are also available which will equip them with UVM and SV training, development of soft skills, implementation of high-end protocol, placement assistance, and with assignments that employ fully automated Verification Flow. This ensures that students leave with a well-furnished and polished skill set and knowledge pool. It also helps better equip them to work in a corporate environment by providing first-hand experience. It is highly recommended for final year students to find intense internships those qualify for the information mentioned above.

VLSI technology has revolutionised daily and normal life and has become greatly beneficial. Due to this, the field is always with decent demand as well. With VSLI playing a key role in gadgets such as phones and personal computers, learning and training in the domain can be a great experience, just as working and internship on the same as well. Freshers and final year students are highly recommended to do internships to get more hands-on experiences.
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