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What Is Fashion? Is It Important To Do Fashion According To The Coming Trends?

 What is the meaning of fashion?

Fashion, is a popular style of clothing, lifestyle, accessories, makeup, footwear, hairstyle etc. Fashion is a way to dress up yourself in a neat and tidy look so that you look elegant, smart, beautiful or handsome.

Is fashion all about wearing branded clothes?

1.           No, Wearing up highly branded clothes is not called the only fashion. Even the people who can’t afford branded accessories, makeup or clothes can also look fashionable just by wearing clean, tidy and proper dress.
2.           Fashion is all about having the clothes, makeup or accessories according to the trend, not matters what it costs.
3.           Everyone can look fashionable just by wearing the clothes that suit your personality and look but according to the latest trends that go on.

What are the different types of clothing fashions around the world?

1.           Western fashion which includes jeans, dresses, trousers, tops, skirts etc.
2.           Indian fashion includes saris, lenghas, dhotis, Kurtis etc. These are the commonly wore dresses of people in India. Therefore, India has a variety of states which have different clothing fashions.
3.           In Muslim states, people wear kaftans, hijabs etc. You can do the hijabs and kaftans online shopping also whereas in Bengal people wear dhotis and saris. These are the different types of clothing fashions.

Where did fashion come from?

1.     Fashion is a way to make up you neat and tidy so that everyone can see your personality and attitude.

2.     Fashion is prevailing from past so many years ago. This word came from the life of celebrities.

3.     With the inventions of different types of clothes people started doing fashion shows, ramp shows etc. slowly and slowly movies came to power and from all these people are attracted to fashion.

4.    Fashion is a word that came from the western culture which meant wearing up good, neat, tidy and perfect clothes according to your personality.

5.     The rule of being fashionable is that people have to wear clothes according to the going trend.

6.     Wearing up clothes according to the demand and trend is perfectly known as being fashionable.

Is it important to do fashion according to the coming trends?

1.           Being fashionable is very much important as because it will show your class and status to the people. Wearing up expensive clothes doesn’t mean fashion. Wearing up the affordable and suitable clothes that you can have is all about fashion but doing fashion with the coming trends is the most important thing.
2.           Wearing up the latest fashionable clothes or items will show how classy and knowledgeable you are for the word fashion that’s why it is important to wear the latest trends clothes or accessories.

Nowadays, everything can be bought online. People can have tops, skirts, jeans, shirts, hijabs etc and can also buy kaftans online the oldest dress which was worn b the people during the time of Mughal Empire.
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