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Three Insurance Plans for the Newly Married Couple

Getting newly married is an exciting phase of life, but calamities can strike the newly-wed, too. It is essential to appreciate this bond and make it stronger by getting an insurance plan that covers it all, especially if you’re struggling to make it big and could do with unwanted uneventful surprises.

Marriage is a big step in life, a harbinger of major changes. But, this exciting life change comes with its own set of responsibilities. It is the financial changes that are most overwhelming and need careful planning. Financial responsibilities include expenditures, insurances, savings and all monetary issues concerning the present as well as their future.

Insurance policies often seem like a distant idea to newlywed couples, who are in the prime of their youth and cannot think of things like death and tragedy. But the truth of life in the long run cannot be ignored. And in such long term technicalities, insurance plans play a huge role. Here are the three most important insurances that can help any newlywed couples:

A Life Insurance Cover: For the Days Beyond Your Presence:

On talking about being each other's support system, a person must understand that the dependence that they create for each other will last till the end of their lives. And thus, they must be prepared for instances where unforeseen circumstances like serious ailments, accidents or death of one of the partners can occur. Besides the emotional turmoil, the other person would have to bear the economic burden of the event.

An insurance plan that covers such surprise misfortunes definitely provides security. From sustenance to day-to-day expenditure, from mortgages to unpaid loans, a life insurance scheme takes care of it all, making sure one’s bereaved partner lives life, at least, financially secured. One can opt for term plans or traditional insurance plans, as per their discretion.

Do it together with (ULIP) For the Long Run:

A United Linked Investment Plan (ULIP) not only caters to the couple’s economic requirements, but also looks after the expenses of raising children, their higher studies and other important life events. An insurance act from some top-notch insurance companies provide for a ULIP along with assistance in planning out the needs and schemes that suit the couple best. In some cases it even comes with life insurance coverage. Finally, it is about setting and achieving goals together, and a ULIP paves way for just that.

For the Physique: Ensuring a Healthy Life Together:

A health insurance is considered one of the most important insurance policies one must have. Health is a wealth not only to the possessor of the body, but to his/her near ones too. So, getting an insurance plan that would come to aid in serious ailments becomes valuable. Once again the emotional burden that such illnesses create on the patient’s spouse is insurmountable, and it is a relief when a bulk of the economic responsibility is taken care by the insurance act. It is best to get a health insurance when one has the opportunity to do so, because who knows, when he/she needs it, the opportunity might not be there.

Most importantly, it is about taking the steps ahead of time so that in times of crisis, the couple can fall back on these assets. Insurance policies becomes a pillar of a couple’s happy household. The earlier they do the insurance policies, the better. For who can tell, what the future holds.

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