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4 Reasons Why Motorcycle Accidents are Common in Australia

There’s a certain kind of joy one could experience in riding a motorcycle. The rush, the adrenaline, the feeling of being free are just some of the reasons why many Australians get hooked in riding two-wheel vehicles. However, one mistake could lead to catastrophic consequences.

You might say that you are a responsible rider, you follow all traffic rules, you don’t speed beyond your limits, and you make sure that your motorcycle is one its best shape—but you can’t be too sure when you are on the road. Some people may not be as defensive and responsible as you are and when they commit even a single mistake, you could be in the receiving end of a life-altering accident.

Accidents do happen even to the most responsible and safe riders and drivers. Don’t be too confident about your safety especially many Australian roads are hubs for freak accidents. Hence, it is important to know the common causes of motorcycle accidents in Penrith to be a step ahead. Inform yourself to have a fighting chance against accidents.

Motorcycle accidents are among the most common forms of personal injury accidents in the State of Penrith. Every year, hundreds of people get killed in the state due to injuries sustained from motorcycle mishaps.

There are several reasons why motorcycle accidents happen in Penrith, and these include the following:

Intoxicated motorists – Drivers under the influence of alcohol are more likely to become involved in motorcycle accidents. Intoxicated motor vehicle drivers are susceptible to making fatal mistakes while driving, and when they fail to avoid collisions or crashes with a motorcycle rider, a devastating road accident can certainly happen.

Distracted drivers – Drivers who use cell phone, eat, drink, or talk with someone on the vehicle while driving can cause an accident with a motorcyclist. Distracted drivers do not have their full attention on the road, which means they can collide or crash with a rider if they fail to recognize his presence on the road.

Extreme weather condition – Rain and snow can make it hard for bikers to ride safely. These natural weather condition can cause roads to become slippery; thus, making riders prone to drifting on the road. When this happens, the rider is susceptible to sustaining minor to major injuries, such as road rash and fractured bones.

Speeding riders – There are times wherein motorcycle accidents are not primarily caused by negligent and careless car drivers because sometimes it is the riders’ fault. Bikers who break the speed limit are likely to be involved in a road crash as they have limited time to react to the sudden changes in the traffic situation.

Penrith motorcycle accident victims may be entitled to personal injury damages if the incident was caused by another person or group of people. Since they are protected by tort laws, they can claim for injury compensations. The damages recoverable in a motorcycle accident claim vary on the nature of the case. However, these are the most common recoverable damages in motorcycle accident claims in Penrith:

·         Hospitalization, medication, and rehabilitation expenses
·         Motorcycle repair or replacement
·         Loss of income
·         Loss of future income
·         Pain and suffering damages
·         Emotional distress damages
·         Mental anguish damages

Motorcycle accident claimants in Penrith are advised to retain legal services of expert law firms Penrith. Hiring a lawyer for a motorcycle case is important because it eliminates chances of the claimant recovering insufficient amount of personal injury compensation.

If you find yourself in a motorcycle accident caused by another driver, one of your first steps should be is to contact law firms Penrith that have experience in handling motorcycle accident cases. Your lawyers will make sure that you get compensated for your losses due to the accident.
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