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The choice of the best anti -dandruff shampoo

Dandruff ceases to be a condition of your scalp calling for immediate intervention. The cells present on your scalp multiplies fast and would manifest as white flakes paving way for itchy skin and even hair loss. The best way to cope up with dandruff is flip through ketomac anti -dandruff shampoo review.

Numerous anti- medicated anti – dandruff shampoos are available in the market. It is better to opt for one as chosen by your doctor. In the meantime you can choose the best anti – dandruff shampoo for your hair by experimenting with 2 to 3 kinds of shampoos and opting for one suiting your requirements. Though in the use of an anti – dandruff shampoo you need to consider the right type of using the shampoo.

The method to use a right shampoo

When you go through the ketomac dandruff shampoo review, you can figure out the exact reason for dandruff. The disorder could arise due to various conditions and you need to be aware of the exact cause. As far as possible try to keep away from general shampoos as it will leave your scalp irritated and go on to wash all the sebum. Most of the shampoos do contain harsh chemicals that leave a sensitive reaction on your scalp forcing it to be red and inflamed.

Rinsing of hair with water

Once your shampoo has been selected rinse your hair first with water. You may also need to moisturize your hair. You should allow the water to run through it. In application of warm water it would open the hair cuticles. The moment cuticles are open it would go on to wash oil and dirt. To work up lather water is also important. If you do not use water the shampoo cannot reach to all areas of the scalp and even the hair. Ensure that the hair is not soaking wet and allow it to drip down.

Right amount

Do follow the instructions of the manufacturer on how to use the shampoo. The best tip would be to start with a small amount and then increase the frequency. The right amount has to pour to cover you hair and even the scalp. For a person with long hair they need to use more shampoo than a short haired person.

The shampoo has to be applied in an even manner

When you are applying shampoo ensure that it is applied in an even manner. In fact the entire scalp should be covered with shampoo so as to get rid of the unwanted pollutants

Lather a couple of times

A couple of rounds of lathering would be the key. Firstly you can use a non-medicated shampoo to clear the oil and dirt. You should allow this shampoo to stay for 5 minutes before you are planning to rinse it off.

To sum it up, any shampoo that you use allows it to settle for 3 to 5 minutes. This provides enough time to penetrate on to the scalp and then kill the fungus.
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