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Advertising Market in China is Digital

Digital advertising costs are rising at a risky rate. America is the only region where spending from digital anticipated traditional media will be spent in 2019. But this is not just a trend in the states. China is actually a major development area for digital advertising, but we will speak this number for ourselves.

According to eMarketer, the digital advertisement in China is fueled by mobile. By the end of the year, China's digital advertising expenses will represent 22.4 percent of the global digital advertising market. From 2017 to 2018, Digital Advertising Expenditure increased 26 percent to 62.55 billion! This number is predicted to increase only $ 76 billion in 2019 and $ 11222 billion in 2022! Now it's something to do.

Looking for a larger image, the total media volume of digital China will increase by 65 percent in advertising. In digital, mobile will calculate at least 80%. But who and this development is leading? Nearly 70% increase in almost digital advertising costs in tech companies, including Bido, Alibaba and Tentant. Out of these companies, Bude holds a great share of 35% in 2018. This increase is due to many factors which include better artificial intelligence technology for advertising goals.

Digital video ads will continue to grow especially. Time spent with digital video in 2020 increases by about 20% to 20%. Increasing the use of the app to increase the original content viewers, consumers are hooking more on their mobile devices. Em commerce, or mobile commerce is yet another factor, which reduces digital advertising revenue by at least 20% annually by 2020.

For more than a long time, spend on your mobile devices, advertisers have more opportunities to reach their audience and increase their business.

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